Gaco Flex

Complete Waterproofing and Insulation Solutions from Gaco


To protect a home or business from the intrusive and damaging effects of climate and the environment, the first line of defense is waterproofing and insulation.


Even the best building materials and roofing products aren’t all they can be unless they are professionally treated with a waterproofing and insulation process that fortifies the materials, giving them extra life and prolonged protection.

Improved Resilience, Better Energy Efficiency


As a customer of All Things New Roofing and Restoration, you can take advantage of our relationships with trusted suppliers of premium roofing and contracting materials.


Thanks to our status as a trusted contractor partner of Gaco Western, we have exclusive access to the entire Gaco product line, including the proprietary GacoFlex Roof Coating System, a revolution in the use of silicone to protect buildings. A key feature of this comprehensive roof waterproofing system is the elasticity of the coating, allowing the base material (shingles, patching, etc.) to expand and contract as the temperature changes.


That means a longer lifetime for drip-free roofs that don’t buckle under sharp temperature swings. As significant of an investment as a roof can be, it’s not worth the risk to cut corners on the roof coating. Doing so can expose your home or business to unnecessary damage risk when the weather turns for the worse.


At All Things New Roofing and Restoration, we can enhance your roof using industry-recognized products from Graco that are backed by decades of proven performance results.


How Can Your Home Benefit?


Combining the power of GacoFlex with the energy efficiency provided by spray foam insulation results in:


  • Better building integrity

  • Lower energy bills

  • Improved property value

  • Less money spent on future repairs

  • Easier cleaning (roofs treated with the GacoFlex system retain 40% less dirt)

  • Compliance with every roof type, regardless of pitch

  • A positive return on your investment in mere months!


To have your home evaluated for roof damage repair or restoration that includes the use of Gaco roof sealing and insulation products, get in touch with All Things New Roofing and Restoration today.

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