When is the Best Time to Get New Gutters

Your roofing system is a series of components that work together to keep your roof in tip-top shape, and one of the most important aspects of a roofing system is its gutters. If your gutters are hanging, bent, slinging water everywhere, or otherwise compromised, it’s time for you to get new gutters. Now hold on before you call a gutter company right away, let’s learn the best times to have new gutters installed.

So, When is the Best Time to Get New Gutters?

The best time to get new gutters is right before or during a new roof installation. This is advantageous for many reasons. For starters, most roofing crews are larger than standard guttering crews, so it’s much easier for the roofing crew to remove the old gutters while the roof is torn off and set up the guttering crew for their installation.

When the roof is open roofers, and guttering crews don’t have to be fickle with shingles, drip edge, or other roofing components, they can tear the gutters off. Now the guttering crew has a blank canvas where they can easily waltz in and hang brand new gutters. This efficiency can save you money too. If you’re having your roof replaced – you need to consider gutter work too. You can have gutters installed after the new roof, but that could give you issues as seen below.

If you’ve had a brand-new roof but didn’t schedule gutter work to happen while your roof is torn out – you aren’t out of luck, but you may need to wait. The few days and weeks after a new roof installation is a critical time for shingles to seal and “sit down.” You don’t want someone climbing on the roofline and damaging your new roof during this time.

This time could be as little as a couple of days in the summer and a couple of weeks long during the winter. If you missed the boat on new gutters during your new roof install, try waiting a few weeks for shingles to seal and cure before you begin messing with them.

The ideal time to get new gutters installed is during a new roof installation, but you can get gutters installed at any other time, except directly after a new roof installation. If you need gutters installed call a local, reputable gutter contractor to see if now a good time for you is to get gutters.



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